Create lighting scenarios, produce static or dynamic RGB colour effects by adjusting their shades and the speed of the cycle, control the instant or gradual switching on of one or more light sources, synchronise the dimming of several lights, assess ambient light and maintain the desired light intensity within a room, set the white light temperature to make an object or display area stand out. All of this can be in wired or wireless mode, for perfect integration in the architecture, so as to complete a design project that creates the perfect atmosphere for every space.

Controlling RGB and RGBW LEDs has a very wide application in both the residential and the commercial fields, to update a space, create relaxing areas, draw attention with the colour of the light, statically or dynamically with cyclic rotations in different shades. In combination with radio controls and with the iDriver command app for smartphones and tablets, Nexta Tech controllers allow accurate colour regulation and storing of the preferred shade, the selection of 42 dynamic effects, and timed programming of events and scenarios.

The colour temperature indicates the appearance of the colour emitted by a light source. The CCT (correlated colour temperature) value is measured in Kelvins (K°) and, in the case of lighting devices, the radiation emitted within the band between 2650 K (hot white) and 8000 K (cold white) is considered. Nexta Tech controllers for LEDs with voltage and current allow the two
components (hot and cold) to be mixed so as to achieve the most appropriate CCT value to light a display space or a particular object.