Touch experience and precise controls even over long distances

Multi-channel remote control with capacitive touch technology, ideal for controlling shutters, blinds and dimmable or coloured lights. Combined with Nexta Tech lighting controllers, thanks to the brightness of RGB LEDs, the intensity of the light can easily be dimmed and the shade of colour and temperature of the white light controlled. Supplied with a wall or table support with magnetic contact, Hoblo 90 is equipped with an accelerometer that allows the controller to switch on instantly when picked up or moved.
Its extra-glossy white polycarbonate surfaces make it a solid item with an innovative design.


The ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) radio frequency band guarantees a long range, even through walls and ceilings.


As the front ring can be rotated through 180°, it is possible to fit HB 90 to a wall or table. The magnetic support provides a convenient and elegant fitting.