Energy saving with motion detection

Motion sensors with adjustable radius of action and length of intervention. When a movement is detected, they enable a light source to be activated at 10 to 100% intensity, for a time that can be programmed. Activate a light only when it is necessary, cutting down energy consumption. The smart sensor can be programmed and activated by touch buttons and display on board, the version HB70-SPC can be activated and deactivated by distance through a Nexta tech radiotransmitter.


Detection area

Set the area read by the sensor

Daylight sensor

Set the minimum light threshold in the room to determine when the sensor is activated

Hold time

Set how long the lamp stays on after the person has left the detection area

ON light level

Set the brightness level (0-100%) at which the light is activated after movement has been sensed in the detection area for the duration of the hold time

Stand-by time

Set the period after the hold time when a lower light intensity is maintained(stand-by dimming level). This can be set from 0 (not in operation) to any value (manual switch off only).

Stand-by dimming level

Set the brightness level (0-100%) of the light during the stand-by time (after the hold time)